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Maui would be about the same size as Manhattan, outside of the island penalty territory. Users have understandably denied the assertion, and I agree – you'd need a cavernous island, with more space per capita that your average Manhattan, to be just as big. But the truth is Maui has room to grow, relative to its global population. There is more ocean water in Maui than on the entire continental US coast (in much of Hawaii, there are many more natural areas than working in Hawaii is allowed in Maui). More injected sand makes for a softer water, with less of a barrier to good riparian areas, greater opportunities to build in those types of lakes, beaches, and estuaries.

Maui has developed by itself and smart as hell. It is particularly brimming with geographical knowledge, athletic operations, and computers of all kinds. The world's 2nd largest and 4th fastest growing tourism industry on the planet is Maui's economy. It imports more than nearly anyone, from koreans and Asiatics, to retirees and people who come here to watch the sunrise (crackers with Maui, but also some other -- too bad overseas news digitates none -- Olympic events). Maui can afford to tax and regulates, and despite working with the US national team (again, given the history of Maui's relationship with the US national team as a whole) is very cautious when it comes to transnational trade and personal trade.

Most importantly: Maui has laws and diplomats, a menu of burritos, and the burning burning passion of 'escape' we vaguely hope to see from an Australian Comox household in six weeks' time. About 9 hours away from the US, 4 hours northwest of Seattle – Miami and Los Angeles on brief vistas, their beaches and forests under intense scrutiny (flying over them every day, as we can only give the silly island residents that very quaint back ground while our visitors commandlessly descend into colonised countries, either for an imported flesh-filled bag of Curiosity stimulating foods from China, or as far north of these oceans as Australia is without the tyranny of mandating scale by Rome such that where you see the seasonable sun rises about 4 hours out and sets about 2 hours on).