Maui Beach

Maui has more than 80 accessible beaches of every conceivable description, from rocky black-sand beaches to powdery golden ones; there’s even a rare redsand beach. What follows is a personal selection of the finest of Maui’s beaches, carefully chosen to suit a variety of needs and interests.

Hawaii’s beaches belong to the people. All beaches, even those in front of exclusive resorts, are public property, and you are welcome to visit. Hawaii state law requires all resorts and hotels to offer public right-of-way access to the beach, along with public parking. So just because a beach fronts a hotel doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the water. Generally, hotels welcome nonguests to their facilities. They frown on nonguests using the beach chairs reserved for guests, but if a nonguest has money and wants to rent gear, buy a drink, or eat a sandwich, well, money is money, and they will gladly accept it from anyone.

Maui has beautiful beaches on South, West and East side.

West Side

D.T. Fleming Beach Park

Kalapua Beach

Kaanapali Beach

South Side

Kamaole III Beach Park

Ulua Beach

Wailea Beach

Makena Beach

Oneloa Beach (Big Beach)

East Side

Baldwin Park

Hookipa Beach Park

Hamoa Beach

Waianapanapa State Park

Maui beaches are gorgeous. You should carry plenty of sunscreen, water and have a great time.